4th of July Betsy American Flag Vest

This is such a cool vest, I can’t wait to try out the pattern. I will post it when I’m done. Thank you so much Sandi for sharing your ;lovely pattern.


Betsy Flag Vest


The Besty Vest was spawned by a thought of the usual cool nights out watching fireworks. I wanted something light but enough to keep the chill off, yet still be festive.

To be completely honest.. this pattern was a hot mess for me. I seriously thought about not writing this… But if anything it would make a great Crochet Flag haha

While working on this pattern I was so focused on trying to make it without having 500 million ends to weave in that the top portion had to be frogged a few times… Please proceed with caution 😉 I do not have testers for my patterns and this has alot of steps.

This pattern can be modified to fit Small, Medium, Large or XL Adult. The pattern is  specifically  for the “Flag” Portion. The Rest of the vest is a “guide”. After Completing the Flag portion…

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